It’s a great honour and a privilege to attend today’s commemoration here as a guest of the British Prime Minister and of course to join Her Majesty and other world leaders who are here today.

It was very moving and I think a very personal ceremony in telling the personal stories, and to be able to afterwards go and speak to veterans, who were there on the day; 19-year-olds, 21-year-olds, on ships and planes and landing craft. Those memories of that day are still very vivid in their minds.

It’s a great privilege to speak to any veteran, but on this particular day of historical significance, and for Australia to be represented here as forming part of that allied force that set out from here and secured peace and generations of prosperity, building international institutions that secured that peace and prosperity over so many years. It's important that we reflect on that, understanding the causes of the forces that brought the world to that point at that time to make sure that in today's world, as we were just discussing at a meeting with leaders who were here today, that we ensure those lessons are never lost.