The Immigration Minister Andrew Giles must have something to hide because nothing else can explain why he refuses to front up and answer questions.

Giles remains in hiding as more questions arise about the Albanese Labor government’s mishandling of the released detainee who allegedly bashed a cancer survivor during a violent home robbery.

If anyone can find Giles today these are the two serious questions he needs to answer:

One. Why did the Labor Government not oppose bail when Majid Jamshidi Doukoshkan appeared in court for allegedly breaching his visa conditions?

Two. Who signed off on the visa condition that meant Doukoshkan was not required to wear an ankle bracelet?

Reports today confirm Doukoshkan was required to wear an ankle bracelet when he appeared in court in February but he was not required to wear an ankle bracelet at the time of the alleged bashing offence. What happened?

This Labor Government is being crushed under the weight of its own incompetence.

Sky News has reported today that the government is even misleading itself, with ministers issued incorrect talking points as they try to deflect blame and attention away from their incompetent mishandling.

Meanwhile, Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil chose not to hear questions or provide answers about the government’s failures on Sunrise this morning.

Australians deserve better. They deserve straight answers, but this government is hiding.