What a mess.

What a sad, sorry mess.

The Australian people won’t be surprised to hear the Albanese Labor Government admit that immigration detention is unravelling on their watch.

This is the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd Government all over again, when Labor’s incompetence led to 50,000 people arriving on more than 800 boats and 1200 people, including children, died at sea.

Australians have been sadly reminded they can’t trust Labor when it comes to national security. They can’t trust Labor to keep them safe.

Now is the time for Labor to finally commit to being upfront with Australians.

The solicitor general, Stephen Donaghue, told the High Court on 8 November, 2023, that up to 340 people in long-term detention could be released as a result of NZYQ. Is that the number of criminals that Labor will release? Or is the number now higher?

Is this Labor Government giving up on deporting non-citizens who have forfeited their right to live in Australia because of their crimes?

Will Labor promise to provide weekly updates on the number of criminals being released from immigration detention on their watch?

Will Labor promise to be up front and tell us when crimes are committed?

When will Labor publish the immigration detention statistics for January and February? Why are those figures being hidden?

What is the Prime Minister’s plan?

Will the Immigration Minister now guarantee that will he attend all legal briefings with his department, especially now they have hired 46 additional lawyers?

The Albanese Labor Government will blame the courts and say none of this mess is their fault, but never forget:

• The Immigration Minister Andrew Giles signed off on the legal facts that undermined Australia’s entire case.

• The same Immigration Minister skipped three important legal briefings about this issue, to instead travel overseas for a Labour conference and to promote the Voice.

• Labor released 149 criminals on the wrong visas.

• Labor has still not applied for a single order under the preventive detention regime.

• Labor cancelled the visas they had recently issued to people who were in the air and en route to Australia.