The Prime Minister is prioritising his political interests over the needs of more than 14 million Australians who have private health insurance.

As revealed in the Australian today, the Albanese Labor Government is deliberately hiding how much more Australians will be paying for their private health insurance until after the Dunkley by-election, which would make this the latest premium change announcement in 15 years.

In the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, Australians need time to prepare for rises in their out-of-pocket costs. Right now, every dollar counts.

Both the Prime Minister and the Health Minister ran away from transparency this morning as they refused to admit fault. Australians have a right to expect more from their Government.

During the last Parliament, the Coalition was able to achieve the lowest annual premium change for consumers since 2001 and still announce every change in December.

The Shadow Minister for Health and Aged Care, Senator Anne Ruston said that clearly the Albanese Government is prioritising politics over people, and it will hurt hardworking Australians who are already struggling to pay their bills.

“It is astounding that this Government is not providing private health providers or Australians with private health insurance enough time to adjust to possible premium increases, which are due to come into effect in only a months’ time.

“Either the Health Minister has not been able to effectively negotiate with providers, or he has something to hide from the voters of Dunkley and the Australian public.

“It is totally indefensible that the Labor Government is refusing to tell the people of Dunkley the truth this week.

“The Prime Minister needs to be honest with the people of Dunkley - how much more will they be paying for importance services like private health insurance and residential aged care after this weekend?” Senator Anne Ruston said.

The Opposition remains strongly committed to Australians having affordable access to private health insurance.