This has been a shambolic process, contemptuous of many stakeholders, all to make a completely unnecessary decision with shocking timing.

Last night the Foreign Minister’s office were officially telling journalists no change had been made to the policy of Australia recognising West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Just hours later the Foreign Minister has announced a complete reversal of Australia’s position on what is a significant matter of international foreign policy.

Astonishingly, the government was clumsy enough to announce this on a Jewish Holy Day and foolish enough to do so in the heated environment of an Israeli election campaign.

From what we can see today, the Labor Government ignored speaking with Australians who care about a two-state solution that provides peace and security for Israel and a future Palestinian state, and instead informed them of the Government’s decision only after it was made.

The Labor Government needs to explain not only why they have made this unnecessary decision, but also the chaotic process behind it.