Today, we have seen yet another scare campaign from a desperate Labor Party.

The Morrison Government is not changing the Better Off Overall Test (BOOT) - full stop.

Minister for Industrial Relations, Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash, said that it's disappointing that Mr Albanese and Labor are once again running a shameless scare campaign to try and frighten Australian workers.

“The suggestion that the Morrison Government is trying to cut wages and conditions is completely untrue.” Minister Cash said.

“It was the Morrison Government that backed Australian workers through the JobKeeper initiative, which saved over 700,000 jobs in the COVID-19 pandemic and has seen our unemployment rate now reach a 48 year low of 4.0%.”

The Morrison Government is committed to policies that allow businesses to create jobs, improve productivity and drive wages growth. In the last Parliament, our Government held detailed consultations with employer groups and unions on ways to improve the operation of our IR system to ensure a system which would benefit employers and workers.

As a result of these consultations, sensible measures were put to Parliament as part of the Government’s Omnibus Bill, however, these measures were all opposed by Mr Albanese and the Australian Labor Party, including measures to crack down on wage theft and to provide a pathway to permanency for casual workers.

“This is the latest in a line of scare campaigns instead of actual policies by the Labor Party and a blatant attempt to distract the Australian from their crumbling ‘insecure work’ platform, the basis for which is not supported by ABS statistics and has been discredited by experts” Minister Cash said.

Mr Albanese and the Labor Party do not have an economic plan so are instead resorting to desperate scare campaigns. Australians can’t trust our economic recovery to Mr Albanese.