Australia utterly condemns the heinous terrorist attacks that have been undertaken on innocent people in France. These multiple attacks are despicable. They're disgraceful. Not only are they an attack on the individuals and their families, but they are an attack on liberty. When we think of France, we think of liberty. And we stand with the people of France.

Overnight I had the opportunity to exchange messages with President Macron. He texted back to me, 'We will win'. We stand with France in that declaration. Free peoples all around the world will stand together to defend freedom, to defend our liberties and to stand against the evil terror that seeks to assault that. While this year has had many other challenges with COVID-19, none less so than in France. It is an awful reminder of the evil that continues to lurk and seeks to strike against the innocent.

So our prayers are for the victims and their families. Our thoughts are with all the people of France, wherever they are, our true and great friend. And we stand with President Macron and the Government of France as they do all in their power to stamp out this terrible evil that has struck their country. Thank you.