New figures released today prove beyond doubt that Anthony Albanese and his Labor team are nothing more than highly-paid mouthpieces for militant unions.

Electoral Commission political donation data reveals that more than $13.8 million was pumped into Labor’s coffers by unions in 2018/19, while almost $35 million was spent directly by unions on trying to make Bill Shorten Prime Minister.

Australia’s most lawless union – the CFMMEU – was among the biggest individual contributors to Labor, kicking in almost $2 million.

And what did the CFMMEU get in return for their generosity? They got every Labor MP and Senator to go into bat for them against the Morrison Government’s vitally important Ensuring Integrity Bill – a Bill that promises to break the CFMMEU’s stranglehold over the construction industry and end the violence, bullying and intimidation that has plagued the sector for decades.

“What these figures prove is that if you pump enough money into Labor’s coffers, you can guarantee its support in Parliament, even if it means defending the indefensible, such as thuggery, coercion and harassment,” Attorney General and Minister for Industrial Relations, Christian Porter, said.

“Let’s not forget that the CFMMEU has been described by the Federal Court as the most recidivist corporate offender in Australia’s history, having racked up more than $17 million dollars in fines in recent years for offences such as coercion, intimidation and even faking safety concerns.

“Yet Labor is more than happy to take the union’s money, even though Anthony Albanese doesn’t believe that John Setka is a fit and proper person to be a member of his party. Anthony Albanese needs to come clean and tell the Australian people whose side he is really on. Is it the side of the Australian people, or the side of union thugs and bullies?”