Bill Shorten’s aged care plans have senior Australians risking being hit with a $20,000 a year bill increase for each person in care.

Bill Shorten is talking up wage increases in the aged care sector – and if it ends up the same as the 20 per cent in childcare – the cost to families will be even higher.

The elderly and their families will foot the bill because he has provided no funding in his costings.

Despite Bill Shorten’s latest lies about the Coalition’s aged care investment, the truth is our Government has increased aged care investment by $1 billion a year since 2013 – with a further $7 billion boost announced in the latest Budget.

Our Government also understands the need to grow the professional aged care workforce.

That’s why we have committed $34 million for a new Aged Care Workforce Research Centre and are implementing Australia’s first industry led Aged Care Workforce Strategy - working with the sector to support quality care and drive better training and skills, working conditions and career paths.

But Labor’s opening the door to a $5 billion plus annual impost on aged care, in concert with their union mates.

Independent modelling commissioned by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation shows a net cost of $5.7 billion a year from 10 per cent wage increases and staff mix changes.*

With up to 240,000 people using residential aged care each year and Bill Shorten ruling out Government support for aged care workers’ wages, it’s seniors and their families who will be left to pay a $20,000 or more increase in yearly aged care fees.

After racking up $240 billion in deficits over six years when last in government, Labor has no track record to support our senior Australians.

In contrast, the Morrison Government is sustainably funding the biggest residential care expansion in Australia’s history, and the unified new Aged Care Quality Safety Commission which will enforce the Coalition’s new Aged Care Standards, the first upgrade in 20 years.

We are also funding an additional $5.9 billion for the Commonwealth Home Support Program and a major rise in home care packages, from approximately 124,000 in 2018-19 to more than 157,000 in 2022-23.

Labor only delivered 60,308 home care packages in their last full year of government. If Labor’s outdated home aged care plan had remained there would be 22,000 less home care packages available to senior Australians this coming year.

We are committed to improving aged care and will work with the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety and respond to its findings.

By keeping the economy strong and returning the Budget to surplus, the Morrison Government is able to invest in and reform aged care.

Bill Shorten and Labor have no credible plans for senior Australians - other than to tax them.

*To view the ANMF’s report, go to: