Labor has serious questions to answer after failing to provide additional funding for the state’s hospitals in its costings.

And now we see a report from New South Wales about extra costs under its parent visa plan.

New South Wales Treasury analysis has found that state alone could face an estimated unfunded additional 37,000 aged parents under Labor’s uncapped program.

Labor must explain how it will implement this program and the impact on the health system as no funding has been set aside to cover these additional pressures.

It is no wonder that the NSW Government has called this out.

Labor has exposed themselves as health frauds with zero dollars – zero dollars – in any of the four year costings for additional hospital funding under the agreement with the states.

In short, they have made deceitful promises and have caught themselves out with not one dollar of funding for the next four years for hospital activity.

This will be compounded by the visa program which focuses on older parents who will have higher health needs.

And just to show the level of the fraud, Labor has listed columns with zero, zero, zero and zero allocated, for ending the Medicare freeze in their costings.

The Morrison Government has ended the freeze which Labor started. We have invested $1.6 billion in primary care, working with GPs to deliver more flexible options for care and to keep patients healthy.

People should remember that Bill Shorten, as Assistant Treasurer stopped listing medicines because he couldn’t manage the budget. And Bill Shorten has already cut $115 million from the private health rebate which will hit pensioners and low income earners from 1 July 2019 and require them to hand money back.

By managing the economy and the budget we can deliver the important health services that Australians need.