Labor’s forestry summit is nothing more than a mechanism for them to hide their true intentions on forestry.

Labor’s policy centrepiece – a talkfest – is simply a way for them to avoid putting out their plans until after the election.

What are Labor hiding?

Labor says they will invite in all players to this summit, which we all know is code for inviting the Greens.

Just like the sham TFA process, Labor’s approach will rely on big industry, big unions and big green groups. And we all know the Greens just want to shut industry down.

Labor haven’t learnt from the disaster of the sham TFA that devastated communities in Tasmania and destroyed 4,000 jobs.

Industry has already done the hard work with the Liberal and Nationals Government and it is reflected in the National Forest Industries Plan, which is already being rolled out around Australia’s forestry communities.

To suggest that we start again and bring in the Greens is not only deceptive but destructive, particularly when the industry just wants to get on with growing trees. We can’t turn back now.