Labor’s strict 105 g/CO2 km vehicle emissions standard will jack up the cost of new cars for Australian families, through a $3 billion tax on our top 10 car retailers, according to expert modelling.

The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) modelling projects that even by 2025, the average emissions of all major vehicle manufacturers would be well above Labor’s strict standard, meaning Labor would have to fine manufacturers billions of dollars a year for selling the cars Australians want to buy.

The modelling forecasts this fine would impose a cost between $1,770 and $4,000 per vehicle depending on the manufacturer.

This cost would inevitably be passed onto car buyers. Once again, ordinary Australians would wear the cost of Labor’s reckless emission target policies.

To make matters worse, we know that Labor was provided this AAA modelling in November last year, yet they have persisted with their damaging policy regardless.

Once again, Bill Shorten and Labor are not being straight with Australians when it comes to telling them what his reckless emission policies mean for families and our economy.

In contrast to Labor’s reckless policies, the Coalition has a responsible target to reduce emissions in Australia of 26 per cent and we will achieve that target.

The AAA modelling comes after Centre of International Economics research found the technology required to outfit new cars with lower emissions technology would increase the cost of a new car by up to $5,000.

Already, Labor is either in denial or is simply ignoring the ugly truth about the repercussions of their reckless emission target, including:

  • Forcing new developments to include electric vehicle charges, increasing the price on homes, costing homebuyers billions (Daily Telegraph, 2/05/19)
  • Force some of Australia’s most iconic vehicles off the road as has been seen in the EU (Daily Telegraph 27/04/19)
  • Increase the cost of a new car by almost $5,000 (Daily Telegraph, 9/04/2019).
  • Cost state police forces tens of millions of dollars to comply (Herald ‪Sun, 11/04/2019).
  • Hit Australians on the lowest incomes in regional areas the worst (Courier Mail, 13/04/19).
  • Give a free ride to millionaires and billionaires with the highest emitting cars (Daily Telegraph, 15/04/2019).

Bill Shorten has run out of excuses on why he’s dodging answering questions about the cost of his reckless emissions target.

If Bill Shorten and Labor can’t explain the detail, Australians shouldn’t vote for them.