Labor's environment policy has completely dodged the vital issue of vegetation management, Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud said today.

"Labor keeps saying 'trust us, we'll give you the detail later'," Minister Littleproud said.

"Well Labor has released its environment policy and deliberately dodged the vegetation management issue. It is not even mentioned in Labor's policy document nor its media release.

"Is this because Labor has no plans to compensate farmers for legislating that farmers can't manage vegetation on their property and instead intends to bank the resulting carbon credits, putting those credits towards its 45 per cent emissions reduction target?

"If it does intend to compensate farmers, how does it intend to do it?

"If you want to be in Government, you've got to explain your policies to the Australian people.

"How Labor handles farmers is a vital part of how its environment policy works yet it isn't mentioned. Why?

"How much carbon does Labor anticipate banking through taking away farmers' rights to manage vegetation on their land? Labor has admitted it hasn't even modelled this but it must have some idea of how much it anticipates.

"Is Labor making farmers reduce emissions so other sectors don't have to do so much heavy lifting?