Hours before Luke Creasey resigned for his social media posts that joked about rape and disrespected women, Bill Shorten continued to back him in.

Mr Creasey’s social media posts were described by White Ribbon as “abusive, hateful and disrespectful.”

Chief Executive of the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Emily Maguire told the Herald Sun newspaper in Melbourne that:

“social media posts like this reinforce myths and attitudes that are already out there about women lying about sexual assault, when we know that many women who are sexually assaulted or experience family violence don’t report it to police, and false reports on this are incredibly rare.”

Source: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/more-lewd-posts-emerge-from-labor-candidate-as-domestic-violence-groups-condemn-message/news-story/d3de26636fae577ce541c408ac4959ed

Yet, Bill Shorten chose to stand by his candidate this morning, with full knowledge and awareness of these comments, and having disregarded compelling commentary from organisations who specialise in violence against women.

Tonight during the leaders' debate he must come clean and explain why he didn’t take action sooner to disendorse someone who had shown such a deeply troubling attitude towards rape and violence against women.