A new multidisciplinary hub for sports research, development and performance will be established in the heart of Melbourne’s sporting precinct, thanks to $15 million from the Coalition Government.

Victoria Sport will improve the physical and mental health as well as performance of athletes and build a stronger, evidence-based approach to sports injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. It will also boost participation in sport by helping eliminate barriers to equity and inclusion.

Importantly, Victoria Sport will cater for multiple sports and athletes at all levels – local, regional and national.

With lead partners in the Collingwood Football Club and Monash University and the backing of Tennis Australia, Victoria Sport will include an education and training facility, treatment clinics, performance research laboratories, facilities specifically for women’s sports, a sports museum and a visitor centre.

To be located in the heart of Melbourne and Olympic Park, leveraging the already existing world-class sports infrastructure there, Victoria Sport will offer:

  • research, professional development and knowledge sharing programs to improve performance, rehabilitation, resilience and longevity in sport, with a focus on concussion, injury rehabilitation, women’s injury, nutrition, genomics, mental health and technology use;
  • evidence-based programs to tackle anti-social behaviour in sport, promoting inclusion and enhancing participation, with a focus on women and minority groups; and
  • leadership programs to upskill professional athletes, sports professionals, health professionals, community leaders and sports volunteers.
  • Victoria Sport will connect with Monash University satellite sites, higher education and research institutions, health services, health professionals, community sports organisations and performance coaches. Practical information will also be shared with sporting clubs, players and their families, delivering benefits throughout our community.

    Investments such as this in Victoria Sport are the dividend of a strong economy and only made possible through sound budget management.