Labor and the Unions are so desperate to run a Mediscare campaign, they have been caught out trying to push on social media, their old Mediscare campaign from 2016.

This shows how dishonest Labor and the Unions will be in trying to run a scare campaign on health, after the failure of Bill Shorten to explain the detail and costings of elements of his health policy.

The material was a lie in 2016. It is a lie now.

The post, which was originally developed by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) in 2016, claims certain medical tests will no longer be free from 1 July.

Bill Shorten needs to condemn this behaviour and demand that the unions and his members stop this misinformation.

The Morrison Government is delivering record investment in health, with Medicare bulk billing higher than under Labor at 86 per cent compared to 82 per cent under Labor.

99 per cent of tests referred by a GP are bulk billed – and so are free for patients.

Hospital funding is increasing by $31 billion with a new agreement with the states, and we are funding $6 billion a year in cancer services, along with $600m in new funding to reduce the costs of MRI’s, x-rays and scans for all patients.