More than a million Australian retirees will be hit by Labor’s retiree tax.

This is an unprecedented attack on older Australians and their hard earned savings.

These retirees have done nothing wrong, they have worked hard to diligently plan and save for their retirement.

Yet, according to Bill Shorten the franking credits these retirees legitimately receive are a “a gift”.

Retirees are rightly angered that Labor is moving the goalposts and deeply concerned about the impact it will have on their quality of life in retirement.

They are worried about how they’ll pay the bills, how they will continue to donate to charities and many others are concerned that Labor’s tax will force them to rely on the Age Pension.

These are the types of concerns that Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen has arrogantly dismissed, telling retirees that if they don’t like the policy then they should vote against Labor.

What’s worse, Labor is lying about its so call ‘pensioner guarantee’, with tens of thousands of pensioners to be hit by their retiree tax.

All the while, Labor is sparing unions and those in union associated industry funds it is instead targeting individuals and self-managed super funds.

Australian retirees have worked hard and diligently saved for their own retirement.

They deserve our respect and a Government that encourages and rewards hard work and saving, not a Labor Government that will raid their savings and treat them like tax cheats.

Originally published in The Daily Telegraph