The Morrison Government is investing in the Frankston community to provide hands on support for homework and learning support for Sudanese students.

The Strong And Resilient Communities Activity (SARC) grant of $100,000 to the Brotherhood of St Laurence reinforces the Morrison Government’s commitment to keeping Australians together by building stronger and more connected communities.

Federal Minister for Families and Social Services Paul Fletcher said the funding will support a homework and learning club for Sudanese students in Frankston and surrounds.

“Many students face language and learning barriers and those settling into a new community and learning a new language are particularly prone.” Mr Fletcher said.

“This is funding to support vulnerable groups in the community, as directed by the community, for the benefit of the community,” said Mr Fletcher.

Federal Member for Dunkley, Chris Crewther MP said the funding would assist young people from refugee backgrounds, particularly Sudanese students access tailored tutoring, mentoring and training activities.

“This program will help tackle the challenges some students face from reaching their full potential by providing resources and additional support.” This will lead to improved social inclusion and cohesion outcomes for Frankston and wider community”, said Mr Crewther.

“The $100,000 of funding will support the most vulnerable students in the Frankston area, especially those who have an educational disadvantage, Mr Crewther said.

“People thrive in well-functioning communities and I am proud that the Morrison Government recognises the vital importance of cohesion in our communities”, said Minister Fletcher.