Minister for Small and Family Business, the Workplace and Deregulation Craig Laundy says its time Bill Shorten cut his ties with the law-breaking CFMEU.

Mr Laundy’s comments come after the Federal Court today issued two more damning judgements against the CFMEU, whacking the union and its leaders for repeated law-breaking and calling for it to be de-registered.

In one case, Justice Tracey said the CFMEU’s conduct was an “anathema in a democratic society”.

In another case, Justice Logan said the union’s conduct extended to contraventions of “the worst possible kind” and that its history of lawbreaking was, “disgraceful and shameful”.

He went on to say their conduct was “but a further manifestation of a lengthy and repeated pattern of unrepentant, outlaw behaviour by the CFMEU.”

Fines against the CFMEU now total $15.6 million, already hitting $409,090 this financial year.

“Former PM and ACTU boss Bob Hawke is among the Labor luminaries to urge Bill Shorten to cut his ties with the CFMEU, yet he refuses to listen,” Mr Laundy said.

“Even though he aspires to be the country’s most senior lawmaker, the Opposition Leader continues to turn a blind eye to the CFMEU’s culture of lawlessness, because he’s indebted to the union for his own job.

“Australia has some of the highest housing and construction costs in the world and that’s the price working families have to pay because Bill Shorten thinks it’s okay for the CFMEU to keep breaking laws it doesn’t agree with.”

Minister Laundy said the judges’ comments today underline the importance of the Australian Building and Construction Commission, protecting more than a million workers and 367,000 small and family businesses in the sector.