Workplace Minister Craig Laundy today congratulated the CFMEU for cementing its reputation as Australia’s most lawless union, having clocked up fines totalling more than $15 million.

The union cracked the $15 million mark today when the Federal Court fined the WA CFMEU its official Brad Upton a combined $59,400 for a threatening and abusive rant against employees at the Gorgon LNG plant in 2015. A total of $15,002,125 in fines have been imposed against the CFMEU since 2005, with around 80 officials still facing courts on some 44 matters.

“Unfortunately the union sees itself as being above the law and views penalties as simply being ‘the cost of doing business.’”

Mr Laundy said the Opposition Leader’s refusal to condemn or even distance himself from the CFMEU made him unfit to be the alternative Prime Minister.

“Bill Shorten relies on the vile thugs in the CFMEU for his very survival as Labor leader. In return, he’s done a deal with the union to deliver it even more power should he win the next election.

“For someone aspiring to be the country’s chief lawmaker to have this union and its officials as bedfellows would be viewed as wrong by most Australians.

“The swearing and abuse copped by the workers at Gorgon LNG plan will be commonplace at workplaces around the country if Bill Shorten gets the chance to deliver on his promise to give militant unions the right to enter workplaces at any time.

“Given the lawless history of the CFMEU, it is now even more important for the Senate to pass legislation that will ensure unions and employer groups are accountable, transparent and act with integrity. The Ensuring Integrity Bill will ensure the courts are able to suspend the rights and privileges of organisations that deliberately flout the law and to disqualify officials who prove themselves unfit to hold office,” Mr Laundy said.