Bill Shorten promises to change IR laws so unions won't have to break them


Bill Shorten has today confirmed that because the CFMEU and the Secretary of the ACTU do not intend to comply with the law, Labor will change the law to ensure their militant practices are made legal.

Following comments from ACTU Secretary Sally McManus that it is ok to break the law, Mr Shorten has confirmed that;

“We believe in changing bad laws, not breaking them.”

Ms McManus’ wish list for legislative change includes giving unions more power to strike, giving unions dominance in workplace negotiations and changing the powers of the Fair Work Commission to – in Ms McManus’ words – “reduce the bargaining power of employers.”

Mr Shorten’s comments today are a significant admission that he now proposes to roll back substantial elements of the workplace laws that were put in place by the previous Labor Government.

Now that he has made this admission, Mr Shorten needs to make clear which of Labor’s own laws are the “bad laws” that he now says need to be changed, and why he is allowing law-breaking unions to determine his workplace relations agenda.

Bill Shorten is yet again proving himself to be the weakest Labor leader in generations.