Bill Shorten, the Labor Party and their union masters have proved time and time again they are willing to do anything, say anything and stand next to anyone in order to scare Australians about changes to Sunday penalty rates.

Labor lie #1 – Workers in other industries will be affected

Labor frontbencher Brendan O’Connor has again today deliberately misled the Australian people by saying that workers in other industries could have their penalty rates impacted by the Fair Work Commission’s decision. This is yet another Labor lie. Bill Shorten and Labor will do and say anything to further their political agenda including instilling fear into the Australian community. The Fair Work Commission clearly stated that its decision only applies to the retail and hospitality industries, and would not extend to any other industries or awards. The Commission stated: "Given the distinguishing characteristics of the Hospitality and Retail sectors, the decisions we have made in respect of the Hospitality and Retail Awards provide no warrant for the variation of penalty rates in other modern awards."

Labor lie #2 – Trent the ‘bogus ‘battler’

Bill Shorten’s lack of credibility was exposed at the first hurdle when he infamously stood next to Trent the bogus ‘battler’. Despite saying he was “gutted” by the Fair Work Commission’s decision, Trent was promptly exposed as an ALP apparatchik, a delegate of the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association and a Coles employee who was completely unaffected by changes to Sunday penalty rates.

Labor lie #3 – Women will be disproportionately affected

Labor’s assertion that women would be disproportionately affected was thoroughly discredited by the Fair Work Commission in its decision. Furthermore, the Commission expressly considered whether reducing Sunday penalty rates for hospitality and retail workers would impact on the gender pay gap. It noted the evidence did not support this.

The Labor Party and the union movement cannot be trusted on anything they say in relation to Sunday penalty rates. Bill Shorten will stand condemned for his lies, hypocrisy and for preying on the fears of working Australians.