The Turnbull Government has ended the Parliamentary sitting year with a significant victory, passing its key election commitment of cracking down on union corruption and boosting productivity in the building sector.

The last week also saw key legislation passed on counter terrorism measures, ending the uncertainty regarding tax rates for working holidaymakers and key reforms to the trouble vocational education sector.

Leader of the House, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, said that passing the legislation to re-establish the Australian Building and Construction Commission was a big win for the Government and highlighted its ability to get important measures passed through both houses of Parliament.

“Despite the election being held 5 months ago, the Turnbull Government has already passed 47 key measures, most notably, the Registered Organisations Commission and the Australian Building and Construction Commission – truly historic workplace reform.

“The Turnbull Government has ended the year on a high by passing these much needed reforms which has been blocked in the Senate by the Labor Party for almost three years.

“Despite the Labor Party’s cries that the Parliament would be too difficult to manage, the Government has proven its strong ability to negotiate to secure passage of key legislation,” he said.