Cabinet Remarks, Canberra


Well, colleagues, welcome. Three years of Government, this is the term of delivery.

We are returned to Government, majority Government, with a big program - a program based on our national economic plan that we took to the election, a plan designed to set Australia up for the future.

We have so much to do, so many projects, so many programs to deliver.

We have a big task of Budget repair. We've set out the way we'll do that in the Budget.

We've got big infrastructure projects that we're committed to, completing the NBN in this term. We have got big projects of new infrastructure - Western Sydney airport, inland rail, right across the country - we are determined to deliver Australians the prosperity, the economic growth and the jobs that they deserve.

So there is lots to do. We have plenty of work ahead of us, we've got a big task and a great trust that's been reposed in us by the Australian people. We're equal to it and we're down to work.

Thank you all and congratulations. We are returned, we're back in Government and we're back serving the Australian people, securing their future.