Remarks at Community Lunch, Glenelg, South Australia



Good afternoon everyone - thank you for coming to the seat of Hindmarsh for this very exciting announcement. For those that have come at very short notice - unknown our special guest, so thank you for making the effort - I do appreciate it. Whether it’s the community groups, the sports clubs, the local businesses or the general supporters - I thank you one and all for coming to this special event. And it’s great that we’ve got the Prime Minister here in Hindmarsh, my seat, and also Nicolle Flint the candidate for Boothby.

In my first term I’ve been working extremely hard on a number of major projects, whether it is infrastructure projects like South Road, upgrades to roads and infrastructure, local infrastructure in South Australia to help us have a better future. And of course defence shipbuilding, the submarines, the frigates, patrol vessels - as many of you know, I and colleagues, Christopher Pyne, Simon Birmingham, David Fawcett, Sean Edwards and others have worked extremely hard to talk to the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister about the importance of defence shipbuilding for South Australia.


Well done Matt.



And we’ve got a Prime Minister here today that understands the economic challenges of our state. He understands the capacity and the ability we have in South Australia though and the expertise we have and this morning we were at Raytheon - one of the leading defence companies in the world who are committed to the future of South Australia to employ another 400 people. Persistence integrations, high-end jobs and this – these jobs of suppliers come out of the Federal Government’s commitment for defence shipbuilding. Decades of future work and that’s just one example. I know we’ve got other companies in the room today that are suppliers, not only the defence sector but the manufacturing and the infrastructure sector – so thank you for your contributions to make our state better and our country better.

In terms of infrastructure we’ve made a massive commitment, $50 billion, we’ve also fought for key local projects, not just South Road but also Oaklands Crossing and also Marion Road to look at upgrading Marion Road and reducing congestion.

I’m pleased to introduce the Prime Minister of Australia to say more about it this important project that Nicolle Flint has fought hard for, I’ve fought hard for, others whether it be Corey Wingard, local council and others have fought hard for, to have more infrastructure and a better future for our state. Please welcome the Prime Minister.


Thank you very much Matt and Nicolle, it’s great to be here and I want to compliment you both on your advocacy and Matt has been an outstanding Member for Hindmarsh just as Nicolle will be an outstanding member for Boothby on Saturday when the people of Boothby give her the support for her talents, advocacy, merit.

Can I say to you that we recognise the critical importance of supporting South Australia in its transitioning economy and that is why we are investing in infrastructure in South Australia, $3 billion in all, it’s why we are investing in the defence industry here in South Australia - over 3,100 jobs coming from the submarine project alone. You saw today, many of you, at Raytheon - the ecosystem of innovation, the jobs that are being created from the big prime contractors like Raytheon and BAE and also the smaller companies, Cirrus and others, the smaller South Australian companies, technology businesses, that have spun out from Defence or spun out from the big companies and they too are growing and they’re providing the innovation and the support that South Australia needs - they’re providing the jobs.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it now again, it is so true; the jobs of the future are not somewhere else, they are right here. The jobs are here today. There are young men and women here in this room today, schoolboys and schoolgirls still in their school uniforms, who will have the opportunity in South Australia thanks to our Defence Investment Plan to work at the cutting edge of the most advanced technologies, the most advanced manufacturing in the world right here in Adelaide - that’s the future and that is a critical part of our national economic plan.

Only by voting for Liberal candidates like Nicolle and Matt can we be sure of having a continuing stable majority Coalition Government providing strong economic leadership and delivering on our national economic plan. A vote for any other candidate - Labor or the Greens, Mr Xenophon’s party, other independents – any other vote, for those parties or independents runs the risk that we have a Shorten government with Greens-independent alliance.

We already know what Labor has to offer - higher deficits in the next term, they’ve acknowledged that, more debt, higher taxes, higher taxes on investment. How do we think South Australia will go if you have a federal government imposing additional taxes on investment? We need more investment in South Australia, not less. That’s why we are cutting business taxes because we know if we do that, we get more investment, more growth and more jobs. But of course it would only get worse, because that’s what Labor is proposing today. Imagine what happens when they get the bill from the Greens or from the independents. None of them are proposing savings. They all want to have higher taxes and higher spending - that is the unsettling prospect of a Shorten-Greens-independent alliance. An unsettling prospect of uncertainty, higher taxes, higher deficits and more debt.

Now one of the good things about running a strong economy, providing strong economic leadership and being able to live within your means and bring the deficits down and bring the Budget back into balance, as we are doing, as we have set out in the Budget, is that we are able to invest in the transformative urban infrastructure an even greater city to live in than it is today. We saw the Flinders Link we are supporting, the Tonsley Rail extension and what that is going to do Flinders and that whole innovation precinct.

Now Matt talked about two projects that he has been passionately advocating for further investment in and I am pleased to say, we won’t surprise you, those who know this great advocate as well as you do, Matt has been successful.


We will provide $40 million towards the Oaklands overpass.


41,000 vehicles a day, as you know using that intersection – this is a critical change - a huge piece of investment and infrastructure. $110 million project overall. A $40 million investment from my Government will enable it to proceed and enable that transformation, that transformation relieving congestion, promoting economic growth and of course delivering strong growth in jobs in the course of its construction and thereafter to proceed.

In addition to that, another very important upgrade in this area is the Marion Road upgrade. There is a lot of work that needs to be done on that – not enough has been done and Matt has secured a $2 million commitment to complete the studies to ensure that the whole project is designed and ready to go and I want to congratulate Matt on that as well.


So there is two substantial local investments. Now these can only be afforded, these are all paid for and funded – we can afford them all but we can only afford them because we have a strong economy, strong economic leadership and a Budget that is prudently managed. We can live within our means. We can make the investments we need and bring our Budget back into balance as we must because there is nothing fair – nothing fair at all – look at these young people here today - with leaving them with a mountain of debt and ballooning deficits to pay off. That’s not fair.

It’s our responsibility to live within our means, ensure that we have the strong economic growth because from that everything else depends. Every opportunity these young people want to pursue – every dream they want to pursue, their job, their business, whatever their ambitions depends upon strong economic growth and everything in our policy, everything in our plan drives strong economic growth – that is how we can afford to fund infrastructure – that’s how we can afford to guarantee funding for Medicare, hospitals and schools. That is how we can ensure that we have the means to invest in our defence industries and our defence capabilities – economic growth is the critical element and every part of our plan supports more investment and more jobs.

Regrettably our opponents – every element of what they propose whether it is the higher taxes, the higher deficits or greater debt – every element of that will restrain investment, deter investment and deter employment.

So it is a very clear choice on July the 2nd. Only by voting for Liberal candidates like Matt and Nicolle - only by voting for them can you be sure of having a strong majority Coalition Government with a clear national economic plan for jobs and growth.

Thank you very much.