Keeping illegal guns off our streets and our communities safe


A single illegal firearm is potentially a huge threat to the safety of Australians.

That is why a re-elected Turnbull Coalition Government will invest $64 million to keep guns off our streets and our communities safe.

Organised syndicates and outlaw motorcycle gangs represent an ongoing threat to this country.

They are driving criminal markets in drug manufacturing and trafficking, extortion, prostitution and firearms trafficking.

The Coalition has already delivered a $2.5 billion boost to our law enforcement and security agencies.

We’ve passed a range of new laws to give our police and security agencies the powers they need to keep the community safe.

But modern technologies are enabling these criminals to expand their reach globally and inject themselves beyond traditional business models into new markets. We must find new ways to enhance their efforts to detect, disrupt and undermine their activities.

We will invest $39 million to extend the work of our National Anti-Gang Squad for a further two years - to track and detect illegal firearms on our streets and attack the scourge of ice and other illegal drugs.

And we will invest $25.4 million to increase forensics and intelligence assets for the Australian Federal Police.

This will also enhance the AFP’s covert online engagement and intelligence and evidence collection, specifically for counter terrorism investigations.

But we must use every weapon in our arsenal. That is why the Turnbull Government will also re-introduce legislation within our first 100 days to increase maximum penalties and introduce mandatory minimum sentences of five years imprisonment for firearms trafficking.

Labor blocked these mandatory minimum sentences on several occasions, highlighting their ‘soft on guns’ approach.

The Coalition’s record on community safety and tackling illegal firearms is solid.

Under Labor, the Customs budget was cut by more than $700 million, sea cargo inspections decreased by 25% and air cargo inspections decreased by 75%.

Only a Coalition Government can be trusted to ensure a safe, secure and prosperous Australia.

Click here to view the Coalition's Policy to keep Illegal Guns Off Our Streets and Our Communities Safe