Bill's getting the band back together to increase your electricity prices


The Carbon Tax will be back with even higher electricity prices if Labor is elected, and it will have the support of the potential Independents as well as the Greens.

Reports today are that Tony Windsor, Rob Oakeshott and Andrew Wilkie are going to work with Bill to bring back the carbon tax if they win.

It’s like Groundhog Day – it’s Julia Gillard Mark II. The same old Labor-Greens-Independent chaos.

We thought Labor’s plan for a carbon tax was bad – imagine how painful it will be once the Greens and the Independents get involved.

Modelling of similar targets to Labor’s confirm an expected wholesale price increase for electricity of 78 per cent by 2030 – this is from Labor’s own modelling!

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale has promised that a carbon tax will be one of the key issues when negotiating with Labor to form government.

Labor wreaked havoc on the Australian economy with their carbon tax and now they’re going to bring it back with the help of the Greens and a rabble of Independents.

The carbon tax didn’t work at reducing emissions in any significant way – it did however hurt families and business with skyrocketing power prices.

Don’t risk a return to Labor-Greens-Independent chaos.

Australians voted at the last election to scrap the Carbon Tax and the Coalition delivered – resulting in the single largest drop in electricity prices.

We have demonstrated that you can reduce emissions and tackle climate change without a Carbon Tax.