Speech at Truck Rally, NSW


Thank you - Michaelia, all of my colleagues, all of the family businesses here, all the mums and dads and the kids and the owner-drivers here.

Let me say to you – what you saw just a few months ago was 35,000 owner-drivers, 35,000 family businesses that were put out of work.

This is not a theoretical issue. In an election campaign you get a lot of debate, let me say if you do this policy it would do that, or it will do that – this is not a theoretical issue.

You know exactly what happened.

We were just talking with one of you a moment ago who lost $50,000 and now has to sell off some assets to make up for those losses because of being put out of work for three weeks and if we had not been bringing the Parliament back early, we would not have been able to abolish that tribunal in time to get you back to work to enable you to put the food on the table, to enable you to pay the bills, to you enable you to keep your families together.

What we saw was the absolute objective of a Labor Party led by a leader Mr Shorten who says he wants to run Australia like a trade union. That’s what he said. He wants to run Australia like a trade union leader and he was running it when they set up the RSRT as Michaelia said on the direct instructions of the Transport Workers Union and their objective was to put owner drivers out of business and that tribunal did its job. It worked. Their plan worked and if had it not been for us for having the numbers in the Senate and just by the skin of our teeth we were able to abolish that tribunal and get you back to work.

Now if Labor wins on the 2nd of July they will bring the RSRT back.

Bill Shorten raised it in the debate on Friday night. They can herd the Transport Workers Union renewing their commitment to it – buying advertisements – they are determined to put your livelihoods at risk because they are threatened by family business. They are threatened by the enterprise and the independence you show.

I tell you my friends - we are energised by your enterprise. We want to back you right to the hilt and we do. We will support you in this road regulation area. There will never be a RSRT. There will never be a re-enactment of that shocking tribunal under the Government that I will lead if we are successful on the 2nd of July.

As far as safety is concerned, of course, we are all committed to safety on the roads and none more so than you because you spend so much time on them and the $4 million we have saved from abolishing the RSRT will go into the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator to provide stronger support for vehicle safety and vehicle regulation to continue that protection for you and your families on the roads and all the other travellers on the roads.

Beyond that we are backing family businesses. If we are elected on the 2nd of July there will be tax cuts beginning on the 1st of July for businesses with a turnover of $10 million or less – that small family businesses would cover most of your businesses or many of them and you will get a tax cut – you will get that support – you will get access to instant asset write-offs.

You will be able to immediately invest further in your business and then next year it will be businesses with $25 million turnover, $50 million turnover and so forth until eight years all the companies in Australia will get a tax cut.

We are starting off with businesses like yours because you are - as one after another of you has said to me this morning - you are the absolute backbone of our economy. Your commitment, your preparedness to go and take a risk by borrowing money and buying a rig, investing in it, giving it all of the love and attention that you do – that is what drives our economy. You carry our economy. You carry our future – you are our future – your enterprise is the key to the success of Australia.

Our national economic plan – every element of it is backing businesses like yours - backing enterprise right across the board.

The big clear difference at this election is - this we have a clear plan, a clear national economic plan which will deliver growth and jobs. It will deliver stronger economic growth because we are backing people that drive the economy, the enterprising business that drive the economy – we are backing them.

Labor on the other has declared war on business - every level of business - your businesses – big businesses – they have declared war on business because they are frightened by your independence and your enterprise. They are raising taxes on investments so there will be less investment. They are limiting the ability of working people to invest and get ahead and they are proposing higher taxes or $100 billion over a decade which can only put a handbrake on growth.

Now we know that you have the future in your hands. We are backing you right up to the hilt because we know it is the enterprise that you show – the family businesses of Australia that will secure our prosperity.

We are with you now as we have been with you in this battle right from the time it commenced.

We stand with you. We stand with your families. We stand with your enterprise because you stand for Australia.

Thank you very much.