Union disruption of Commonwealth Games sites shows need for ABCC


Today’s reports of the CFMEU holding the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games construction sites to ransom, once again highlights the urgent need to re-establish the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC).

The fact the CFMEU’s militant tactics are costing jobs, hurting small businesses and putting the Games at risk is extremely concerning.

The fact taxpayers’ money is being wasted and Australia’s international reputation put at risk, makes the CFMEU’s actions even more galling.

Hardworking Australians would simply shake their heads at pictures of CFMEU workers lying around in a Gold Coast park for four hours each day, funded by taxpayers.

This is the type of inefficient and unproductive practice that would be prevented under the Coalition’s Fair and Lawful Building Sites Code, which will be delivered under the ABCC legislation.

The simple fact is infrastructure is up to 30 per cent more expensive, because we no longer have an effective watchdog to enforce the law on building sites.

That’s why the Coalition will reintroduce the ABCC, to restore the rule of law in the construction industry, which employs more than one million Australians.

Unfortunately, what we’re seeing on the Gold Coast is all too common, in an industry where lawlessness is rife. It will be even more common if Bill Shorten is elected.

Since Labor abolished the ABCC, the number of working days lost to industrial disputes in the construction industry has increased by 35 per cent. There are now over 100 CFMEU officials before the courts for over 1,000 alleged breaches of workplace laws.

Re-establishing the ABCC is critical for jobs, growth and our transition to a strong new economy.

Restoring the rule of law to the construction industry is also critical for Australia’s ability to afford the infrastructure of the 21st century.