Remarks at Girls and Women in Sport Morning Tea, Malvern, Victoria


Girls, standing next to me are two remarkable women. Jo and Kelly are great role models for you. What they show you is that you can do anything. You can do anything. You can play for Australia, you can be a Cabinet Minister. As a young mother Kelly became a Cabinet Minister when her baby Olivia was so tiny. She was still practically a new born. She was a cabinet minister then. Kelly is in charge of Australia's tax system. She's the Assistant Treasurer. It's a very, very important job. She sits there in the Cabinet and she helps us run the country.

You can do anything. There is Jo, playing for Australia, working at Deloitte, forging a career. Girls can do everything. You can do anything and I want you to look at these women and recognise that there should be no limit to your ambitions. No limit at all. Whatever you dream of you can achieve. Whatever you think you might be able to do, whatever you imagine, you can do it, and Kelly and Jo are great examples of that.

So I'm really thrilled to be here. I'm thrilled to meet so many of you, I'm thrilled to meet the boys as well, of course - young man, you're munching a bun there looking very good, you're a good fellow, and I welcome you too. But I've been especially pleased to meet the girls, I have to say - because our daughter Daisy is having her second child in September and she knows it's going to be a girl and so I'm keeping an eye out for girl’s names and any suggestions. As you know, as the mothers here know, grandfathers' suggestions are politely received but not necessarily acted on but nonetheless, I am taking careful note of the names of all the girls I meet.

This is a great day for women's sport. It's a great day for these role models and the inspiration they provide you, and I can announce that thanks to Kelly's advocacy and the formidable way, not just in managing the tax system but in the formidable way she represents her community, we've secured $4 million to support the additional courts and facilities in South Yarra that will mean better courts, better facilities, more sport, more netball, more sport of every kind right across the board.

It is an investment into your fitness, your sporting codes, your future and I would say to all of the mothers and fathers, all of your children and indeed their children.

This is a great investment in the future of sport here in this community.

It's critical that these young people around this year stay active, keep active. Boys and girls, that's what you want to do - if you stay fit now and you're active and you're playing netball, you're playing soccer, playing football, whatever sport you choose and some of you have told me you play many sports - you will remain fit throughout your life. You will lead your life the way you began it. Physical activity is absolutely critical to be healthy, happy, strong and successful.

So I'm delighted to be here, standing between these two great women, whom I admire so much, and who provide such great role models for the young women of Australia to announce our support for these new sporting facilities.

I want to thank the Mayor, your worship, as I've often observed, my only achievement in local government was to be the first man to be the Lady Mayoress of Sydney. I always pay great respect to worshipful mayors. So thank you for your support.

It's a $10 million project. The $4 million from the Federal Government that we're announcing today will make it happen and it will improve the life of this community and above all, ensure that there will be more sport, more activity, more and happier and healthier kids in this community so I'm delighted to be here.

Kelly, well done for your advocacy.

Well done, boys and girls for your sport.

Well done, parents for supporting them.

Thank you.