Mid-campaign Report


We have now passed the mid-point of this election campaign.

We’ve heard a lot of lies and spin from Labor. Our report sets out some key facts:

  • Our economy is strong – with strong momentum in exports, jobs and growth;
  • Labor has a huge budget black hole. Their solution: “put it on the spend-o-meter”;
  • Labor has declared war on business and jobs will be the first casualty;
  • Australia can’t afford Labor’s new taxes on investment, housing and electricity;
  • Labor is hopelessly divided on border protection and people smugglers are ready to exploit their weakness.

Australia’s momentum has been hard won. To continue Australia’s economic transition and secure our prosperity, there is much more work to do.

Only the Turnbull Team has a clear and costed plan for a strong and growing economy, with more jobs.

Click here to read our mid-campaign report.