$5 million to help local recovery efforts for threatened species


Today on World Environment Day, the Coalition is delighted to announce that a re-elected Turnbull Government will create a $5 million Threatened Species Recovery Fund to support local communities in the fight to protect Australia’s vulnerable wildlife.

The Fund will provide seed money and community grants for local projects that strongly align with the targets of Australia’s Threatened Species Strategy.

Across Australian local communities, environment groups and ‘friends of’ groups are working tirelessly to protect our vulnerable species. We want to support their efforts.

The first nine projects to be supported by the new Fund will focus on community conservation efforts in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

Examples of these projects include work to control predators and improve habitat in far north Queensland to protect the Southern Cassowary; creating a new secure population in Western Australia of Gilbert’s Potoroo – the world’s rarest marsupial; predator control in Tasmania’s Meander Valley to protect the Eastern Barred Bandicoot and Eastern Quoll.

Australia’s unacceptably high rate of species extinction is a problem that needed a fresh approach. That is why the Coalition Government appointed Australia’s first Threatened Species Commissioner and released Australia’s first Threatened Species Strategy.

The Strategy contains ambitious but achievable targets to turn around the trajectory of 20 priority birds, 20 priority mammals and 30 priority plants by 2020. It also commits to the creation of five feral cat-free island, 10 mainland feral cat-free wildlife enclosures and the culling of two million feral cats.

For the first time ever, threatened species have an Australian Government policy framework with hard and measurable targets.

Since the appointment of the Threatened Species Commissioner in June 2014, the Australian Government has mobilised more than $208 million for projects that directly support and protect our threatened species.

However protecting our vulnerable wildlife is not a task that governments can do alone. We can only be successful by working in partnership with all levels of government, the private sector and the community.

The Threatened Species Recovery Fund will help galvanise community action on the ground, where it is needed most.

The initial projects to be funded under the Threatened Species Recovery Fund include:


Community Group





Gilbert’s Potoroo Action Group

Gilbert’s Potoroo


Improving the status of the world’s rarest marsupial by creating one new secure population


Martu Traditional Owners

Mala, Golden Bandicoot


Assisting in the re-introduction of up to 6 threatened mammal species and the remove feral cats


Cassowary Recovery Team



Working with Indigenous communities to conduct feral pig control and fire management in Cape York to improve habitat for the northern population of the Cassowary


Mungarru Lodge Sanctuary

Mahogany Glider


Helping landholders and community groups build habitat to reverse the decline of the Mahogany Glider


Friends of Ormeau Bottle Tree

Ormeau Bottle Tree


Fencing off populations, seed collection and banking, propagation and replanting, invasive weed control


Hunter Bird Observers Club

Eastern Curlew


Restoring saltmarsh habitat for migratory shorebirds at flyway sites


Meander Valley Catchment Landcare Group

Eastern Barred Bandicoot, Eastern Quoll


Supporting feral cat trapping activities and humane euthanasia along with increasing community awareness and engagement


Friends of Helmeted Honeyeater

Helmeted Honeyeater


Propagation and revegetation at Yellingbo


Friends of Terrick Terrick National Park

Plains Wanderer


Working with Parks Victoria to plant native shrubs and conduct surveys of birds in Terrick Terrick National Park

Click here to view the Coalition's Policy to Protect Australia's Threatened Species