A stronger plan for broadband and communications under the Coalition


Labor’s National Broadband Network (NBN) would have taken six to eight years longer to rollout across Australia, leaving businesses waiting longer for superfast broadband.

Labor’s anti-business stance would see it prioritise a slow and gold plated rollout, ignoring businesses that need to connect to superfast broadband as soon as possible.

Under the Coalition, the rollout of the NBN is on budget and on track to meet its corporate plan target of 2.632 million premises ready for service this financial year.

The Coalition is focused on giving businesses the edge earlier as part of our plan to create economic growth and jobs.

We are also delivering broadband to businesses and homes in our regions.

In April this year, rural and remote Australia began to connect to NBN’s Sky Muster Satellite Service, delivering internet speeds that are faster than many urban areas.

Under Labor, the NBN Interim Satellite Service was poorly managed, slow and congested.

When it comes to Australian Government support to remove mobile phone blackspots in the bush the scorecard reads: Coalition $220 million funding and at least 3,000 black spots; Labor $0 and zero black spots in its six years of government.

Labor’s already tried and failed to deliver the NBN. They can’t be trusted to bring broadband to Australians.