Labor's Dirty Deal Will Guarantee a Massive Carbon Tax


Adam Bandt has let the cat out of the bag.

He says of a Labor-Greens Alliance that "dreams do come true".

That dream is a nightmare as Australia discovered under Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd.

You can't trust Labor and you can't trust Bill Shorten. They would do a deal with the greens in a heartbeat. It's the same old Labor.

Bill Shorten would be Australia's most left wing Prime Minister ever and would be right at home with the Greens.

But we’ve seen this all before. The Australian people haven’t forgotten that Julia Gillard gave that assurance too.

Madonna King (ABC Radio Brisbane, 20 August 2010):

“In the event of a hung Parliament, are you prepared to negotiate on some issues, for example, the mining tax, by doing a deal with the Greens?”

Julia Gillard:

“Oh Madonna. Absolutely ridiculous. I’ve ruled that out a couple of dozen times in this campaign. That’s a Liberal Party fear campaign and no one should fall for it.”

It’s the same old Labor. It’s Julia Gillard Mark II.

We thought Labor’s plan for a carbon tax was bad – imagine how painful it will be once the Greens get involved.

Julia Gillard promised: “there will be no carbon tax under a Government I lead”.

We’ve seen Bill Shorten parroting the same line – but Australians won’t be fooled this time.

Labor's plan is for a carbon tax that would increase wholesale electricity prices rise by 78% and families lose $4,900 in income by 2030.

And that's from Labor's own modelling of a similar policy when last they were in government.

But it would be even worse in a Labor-Greens alliance.

Richard Di Natale has promised that a carbon tax will be one of the key issues when negotiating with Labor to form Government.

Journalist (Breakfast, FIVEaa, 10 May 2016):

“Will that include another carbon tax? Will that include going back to the carbon tax?”

Richard Di Natale:

“This is always subject to a negotiation with the government of the day.”

Everyone knows you can't trust Bill Shorten. Chris Bowen may try to rule it out but everyone knows that Bill Shorten would do a deal with the Greens in a nanosecond.

And that deal would just mean higher and higher electricity prices.