Family Friendly Changes to the House of Representatives


Today the Government has introduced changes to the House of Representatives to allow mothers to take their child into the Chamber, making it the most family friendly chamber of Parliament in Australia.

The Hon Christopher Pyne MP, Leader of the House of Representatives, who has introduced the change, says this is the right move forward in bringing the Federal Parliament up to speed with modern workplaces.

“As the Leader of the House of Representatives, I want to see as many women entering parliament as possible and for them to not be deterred by any antiquated rules or practices that currently govern how our Parliament operates”, Mr Pyne said.

“There is absolutely no reason that rules should remain in place which make life in politics and the Parliament more difficult for women”.

No Member of Parliament, male or female, will ever again be prevented from participating fully in the law making processes of Parliament because they are also caring for their child.

“While this significant change only requires a single sentence to be amended in the rule book, I hope it sends a clear message”, Mr Pyne said.

“I encourage the Senate and all States and Territories follow our lead in these changes and that we all never stop looking for ways that we can encourage Australians from all walks of life to become involved in public life,” he said.