Safer Streets Round 2 now open


Today I am pleased to announce that grant applications are now open for Round 2 of the Coalition Government’s Safer Streets Programme.

The Safer Streets Programme delivers on the Australian Government’s $50 million election commitment for effective local solutions to crime hot-spots and anti-social behaviour through a grants programme focussed on improving safety through crime prevention.

The Government recognises that local solutions are often the best way to deal with local issues.

That is why this Government is providing funding to local communities in areas identified as having a crime or anti-social problem. Funding to successful applicants will boost safety and deter crime through the installation of security measures including closed circuit television cameras and better lighting.

More than $19 million in funding has already been awarded under Round 1 of the Programme for projects across 150 locations to deliver security enhancements.

Importantly, the Safer Streets Programme redirects proceeds of crime– money and assets confiscated from criminals - to fund these local crime prevention projects. This means that the crimes of yesterday are helping to prevent the crimes of tomorrow. The previous Labor government had frozen these funds so it could be used to improve its Budget bottom line instead of funding the fight against crime.

Round 2 of the Safer Streets Programme will invest up to $29.4 million in individual grants for local government organisations and eligible incorporated not-for-profit organisations, community groups, and chambers of commerce to boost community safety and crime prevention initiatives across Australia.

The funding will be made available for:

  • projects by eligible organisations to install security-related infrastructure or remove environmental characteristics that facilitate street crime or anti-social behaviour in local retail, entertainment and commercial precincts or public parks;
  • projects by State and Territory Police and Citizen Youth Clubs and Bluelight organisations which provide crime prevention or activity-based engagement programmes for young people who are at risk of criminal or anti-social activity.

Funding will also be available under the Safer Streets Programme for crime prevention projects by Youth Off the Streets and Neighbourhood Watch Australasia.

This programme is already working to improve community safety across Australia by preventing, deterring and detecting crime and antisocial behaviour. Round 2 funding will help boost these efforts.

Further information on the Safer Streets Programme is available at To apply, please visit