Media Release

Ending more of Labor’s waste

Jamie Briggs MP
Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Supporting Families
Chairman of the Scrutiny of Government Waste Committee

A Coalition Government, if elected, will crack down on Labor’s addiction to waste by auditing increasingly ridiculous research grants and reprioritising funding through the Australian Research Council (ARC) to deliver funds to where they’re really needed.

Some of the grants issued by the ARC in recent years have been, frankly, completely over the top.

There will be no reduction in research funding. In fact, the Coalition has announced new research into dementia and diabetes.

The Coalition would look to targeting those ridiculous research grants that leave taxpayers scratching their heads wondering just what the Government was thinking.

Taxpayer dollars have been wasted on projects that do little, if anything, to advance Australians research needs. For example:

  • The quest for the ‘I’ – a$595,000 grant aimed at “reaching a better understanding of the self”;
  • $160,000 on an examination of “sexuality in Islamic interpretations of reproductive health technologies in Egypt”;
  • a $443,000 study into “The God of Hegel’s Post-Kantian idealism”; and
  • $164,000 for a study into “how urban media art can best respond to global climate change” .

Australians can’t afford three more years of waste like the last six. As late as last week $900 stimulus cheques from the global financial crisis were still being sent out.

Taxpayers expect us to be prudent with their money. Over the last six years, Labor has been anything but prudent.

The only way to stop Labor’s waste and pay back the debt is to change the Government.