Media Release

New data confirms Carbon Tax is an electricity tax

The latest data confirms that the Carbon Tax is primarily a tax on electricity.

Energy companies, such as Macquarie Generation, dominate the top of the list for CO2 emissions in the figures released today by the Clean Energy Regulator.

It is those businesses which are liable for the highest Carbon Tax which is passed straight through to their customers.

AGL today confirmed in their half yearly report that any failure to pass on the full cost in the first six months of the Carbon Tax, would be made up in the next six months.

However overall the Carbon Tax gave them a $175 million working capital benefit, including $120 million given by the Government to Loy Yang.

It just shows that it is not the power companies which are paying the Carbon Tax – it is the mums and dads who are paying on their power bills.

For Minister Combet to claim that the Carbon Tax provides an incentive to reduce emissions is completely wrong.  There is no incentive when the major power companies simply pass on the cost to customers.

It is the fundamental design flaw of the Carbon Tax and why as an environmental policy it fails.

The continued misrepresentation by Minister Combet of the emissions figures, attempting to attribute the entire reduction to the Carbon Tax, reconfirms this Government can’t be trusted.

The drop in emissions was largely due to the flooding of Loy Yang power station , increase in solar and a decline in international demand for our manufacturing.

The Coalition is committed to repealing the Carbon Tax, and if elected, will make it the first order of business.

The next election will be a referendum on the Carbon Tax, and Labor should respect the views of the voters, and support the repeal of the tax if that is the outcome of the election.

However if Labor refuses to accept the vote of the Australian people, then the Coalition will take the issue back to the people in a double dissolution election.  We will not stop until this unjust tax is removed.