Media Release

Labor’s policy chaos causes Centrelink clanger

Centrelink continues to lurch from one disaster to another, with its latest clanger seeing 80,000 single parents incorrectly instructed to destroy their pensioner concession cards.

This latest disaster is further proof that the Department is spinning out of control as a result of the continued policy bungles of the Rudd-Gillard Government.

“This is a government that continues to lurch from one policy bungle to another. The entire system is in chaos thanks to Labor’s policy-on-the-run approach to welfare,” said Kevin Andrews.

“What we’re seeing from Labor is a complete inability to manage the implementation of their policies, leading to more confusion and waste,” said Jamie Briggs.

“It’s pretty clear that the left hand of this government doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.”

For those Australians who have tried to ring Centrelink in the past and had to endure long wait times, it’s more bad news. Now the agency which already takes a long time to answer your call will take even longer, as it starts ringing the 80,000 affected recipients.