Media Release

Slashing red-tape should be focus at COAG

The Coalition has called on the Gillard Government to cut red-tape for small business amid speculation it will back out of its commitment to reduce green-tape at COAG.

Shadow Minister for Small Business Bruce Billson said café owners, hairdressers and tradies were too often being taken away from servicing customers to attend to regulatory requirements or do paper work which serves very little purpose.

“The small business sector is drowning in red-tape and compliance burdens, which means less time with customers and less time earning money,” Mr Billson said.

“In a year where small business has been burdened with the world’s biggest carbon tax, red tape has continued to climb with the Government introducing 20,884 regulations and only repealing 104.  Not the ‘one in one out’ promised by Labor in 2007.

“Tax and Government policy constraints have almost doubled in two years according to respondents in NAB’s latest SME survey.

“If we want our businesses to prosper and to boost productivity one of the best things we can do is cut the red-tape and compliance burden for the engine room of our economy.

“The Coalition will cut $1 billion in red-tape out of the economy as part of our plan to double the rate of small business growth and to create one million new jobs over five years.”