Media Release

More than one too many, Wayne Swan’s MYEFO baby limit

“Today’s MYEFO announcement by Wayne Swan that the government will cut the Baby Bonus to $3000 for the second and any subsequent child means Australians will pay more for having more than one baby,” the Shadow Minister for Families, Housing and Human Services, Kevin Andrews said today.
“The changes to the Baby Bonus will mean having more than one baby in Australia will become more expensive, at a time when Australian families need all the assistance they can get with the rising cost of living.”
“Today’s announcement will further limit choice for parents who are already paying for Labor’s carbon tax and broken promises.
“This is a short-sighted policy decision and it is the second consecutive year Wayne Swan has used MYEFO to cut the Baby Bonus.”
“The Baby Bonus was introduced to address two ongoing challenges facing Australia – a below replacement-level birth rate and a need to help families achieve work-family balance.
“These challenges remain and Wayne Swan is walking away from the intergenerational challenges facing Australia,” Mr Andrews said.
In the introduction to the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook, the government said that its measures are ‘a targeted approach to savings that minimises the impacts of the fiscal consolidation on the economy, and on vulnerable people.’
“This is yet another example from Wayne Swan that shows he cannot keep his word to the Australian people,” Kevin Andrews said.
“The worst thing of all is that these cuts will impact families at a time when they’re doing it tough.”