Media Release

Government Must Learn to Add Up

Special Minister of State, Gary Gray, should use basic addition and subtraction to confirm the Coalition's claim that the public service has increased by over 20,000 staff since 2007.

Budget Paper No. 1 2011-12 lists the Average Staff Levels of the Australian Government for 2010-11 as being at 261,891 employees. In the last full year of the Coalition Government there were 238,623 public servants.

If Mr Gray had bothered to punch the numbers into his calculator he would have worked out that 261,891 minus 238,623 equals 23,268.

For the 2011-12 year Labor are forecasted to increase public servant numbers again, taking the increase to more than 24,000 since 2007.

This increase includes an extra 200 staff in the Prime Minister's own department.

The Australian Public Service is currently at record levels.

The Government promised a tough Budget, but the Budget has proved tough on families and not tough on waste.

The Coalition went to the last election promising to reduce the size of the public service by 12,000 employees over two years through natural attrition. This remains our policy.

The Coalition's plans will not affect frontline services.

The Government must be honest with the Australian people about the substantial increases in the public service since Labor came to power.