To protect Australia’s future security and interests we are undertaking the biggest rebuild of the Australian Defence Force since the Second World War.

The 2020 Defence Strategic Update and 2020 Force Structure Plan outline the Morrison Government’s plan to invest over $270 billion in Australia’s defence capability over the next ten years.

In 2020, we restored Defence investment to 2% of GDP and will continue to deliver a stable funding path into the future.

This reverses the decline under Labor, when Defence funding was gutted by $18 billion and fell to 1.56% of GDP – the lowest level since 1938.

To build our defence capability, we are focused on maximising the involvement of Australia’s industry and generating high‑tech defence industries and manufacturing capacity.


Our naval shipbuilding plan is building and upgrading more than 23 different classes of naval vessels – the largest regeneration of the Navy since the Second World War.

More than 70 vessels will be built in Australia with Australian workers. This is supporting 15,000 skilled jobs for decades to come.

We are building world-class naval shipyards to construct these vessels. We have established the Naval Shipbuilding College to ensure we grow a strong sovereign workforce.

By contrast, Labor did not commission a single vessel to be built in Australia.

Our Government has already delivered eight naval vessels and has another nine under construction in Perth and Adelaide.

Our government will also continue the Attack class submarine project that will deliver 12 regionally-superior submarines.


The Australian Army is acquiring new rifles, pistols, grenade launchers and other small arms as well as new body armour and night-fighting equipment.

New combat reconnaissance, infantry fighting and self-propelled howitzer vehicles will be introduced into service.

New attack helicopters will strengthen the Army’s firepower from the air.

Upgrades to the M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank will ensure our forces have the protection, mobility and firepower they need to win on future battlefields.

This will be coupled with the new protected truck fleet. This will have Australian trailers and modules, cranes, excavators, front end loaders, forklifts and tractors, aviation refuelling and fire trucks.

The Australian Defence Force is acquiring a Short Range Ground-Based Air Defence system. This will improve protection from sophisticated air threats.


The Morrison Government is investing around $65 billion over the next decade to deliver the next-generation of potent air capabilities.

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program is giving the Air Force unprecedented air combat capability.

More than 50 Australian companies are benefiting from more than $2.7 billion in production contracts in the Joint Strike Fighter program.

The Maritime Patrol Aircraft Replacement project will provide manned and remotely piloted aircraft to replace Australia’s AP-3C Orion fleet.

Together, the P-8A Poseidon and the MQ-4C Triton aircraft will give us one of the world’s most advanced maritime patrol and surveillance capabilities.

The full fleet of EA-18G Growler Electronic Attack Aircraft have arrived. This is capable of deceiving and destroying a broad range of radars and communications.


We are ensuring our more than 320,000 veterans and their families are supported and respected.

This includes: free lifetime mental health care for ADF personnel; immediate income support for those with mental health claims; psychiatric assistance dogs for veterans with PTSD; and the expansion of counselling support through Open Arms.

We have implemented fairer indexation for military superannuants, expanded our Veterans’ Employment Program and introduced a new Australian Veterans’ Card and Lapel Pin.

More than 225,000 veteran income support recipients and concession card holders received $750 payments in April and July 2020. They also received additional $250 payments in late 2020 and will receive a further $250 in early 2021.

The Morrison Government is converting the records of Australia’s Second World War servicemen and women into digital files and making them available online for all Australians.

We are expanding the Saluting Their Service grants program to honour the service and sacrifice of our veterans.

We will also support our ADF personnel by allowing them the choice to contribute to their ADF Super even after they have transitioned to a new employer.

Information current as at December 2020