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There are now more jobs in the Australian economy than there were before the pandemic. There's more to be done, but Australia's economic recovery is underway.

Apr 15

"With each passing month, Australia’s comeback and economic recovery from COVID-19 is building." - Scott Morrison (ScoMo)

Apr 15

"The unemployment rate has dropped to 5.6%, with 70,700 jobs created in March - with around 80% of the jobs going to women & around half to young people. The participation rate has also risen to a record high." - Josh Frydenberg

Apr 15

The Morrison Government’s Economic Recovery Plan is working.

Apr 15


We are on your side. If you have a go in this country you’ll get a go. That’s what fairness in Australia means. My ambition is for an even stronger Australia – to keep our economy strong, to keep Australians safe and to keep Australians together.”
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