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Budget 2020

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There are now more jobs in the Australian economy than there were before the pandemic.

Australia’s labour market has recovered more than four times faster than during the 90s recession.

The Morrison Government's Economic Plan is working...

Apr 22

Around 2500 new jobs are set to be created through our Government’s latest new $540 million investments in clean hydrogen and carbon capture technologies. Just like we have Silicon Valley in the USA, we want to establish a further four Hydrogen Valleys here in Australia, where businesses, researchers and experts can come together to work on this cutting edge technology. This was highlighted during my visit today to Star Scientific, an innovative Australian business on the Central Coast, which is at the forefront of this new clean, energy economy. It currently employs around 25 people but expects to grow to well over 200 employees by the end of the year. Today’s new investment will support Australian industry, create jobs, help cut emissions and drive investment. It’s part of our drive towards zero emissions. — with Angus Taylor and Lucy Wicks.

Apr 22

Female workforce participation is now at a record high (61.8%). Nearly 60% of 1.6 million jobs created since this Government was elected in 2013 have been taken up by women.

Apr 22

Technology, not taxes. That’s why we're investing $540 million to fire up Australian businesses to come together to work on and develop cutting-edge, clean hydrogen and carbon capture technologies. It’s going to deliver jobs and opportunities for Australia and also help drive us toward zero emissions.

Apr 22


We are on your side. If you have a go in this country you’ll get a go. That’s what fairness in Australia means. My ambition is for an even stronger Australia – to keep our economy strong, to keep Australians safe and to keep Australians together.”
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