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We are investing $30 million in Veterans’ Wellbeing Centres around Australia in partnership with state govts and ex-service organisations, including new Centres in Darwin, Nowra and Wodonga.

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We will deliver for veterans by improving care and support, helping them live their best lives by finding jobs after their service, and recognising and respecting their and their families’ service and sacrifice.

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Apr 24

We have the plan and the record of keeping our economy strong, keeping Australians safe and keeping Australians together. Are you in?

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Apr 24

We are building our economy by backing small business. Our $100 million Australian Business Growth Fund will enhance small and family businesses’ ability to access funding to grow their business and create more. ➡️ http://lbr....


We are on your side. If you have a go in this country you’ll get a go. That’s what fairness in Australia means. My ambition is for an even stronger Australia – to keep our economy strong, to keep Australians safe and to keep Australians together.”
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