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When Labor runs out of money, they come after yours.

Apr 20

✅ FACT: Over 133 million free GP services were delivered last year, 27.3 million more than in Labor’s last year. Under our Government almost nine out of 10 visits to the GP are free and we are investing an addition $6 billion in Medicare.

Apr 20

Scott Morrison (ScoMo) visited Westmead Children's Hospital today and met some of the patients and their families to wish them a Happy Easter and hand out some Easter eggs.

Apr 20

Bill Shorten is starting to provide more detail on his tax policies:

Apr 20


We are on your side. If you have a go in this country you’ll get a go. That’s what fairness in Australia means. My ambition is for an even stronger Australia – to keep our economy strong, to keep Australians safe and to keep Australians together.”
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