Labor’s Big Australia has grown even bigger with migration to Australia reaching a new record of 548,800 in the year to September.

That’s almost as many migrants arriving in Australia as the 600,000 fans who saw Taylor Swift across seven sold out concerts at the MCG and Accor Stadium.

That’s 1503 migrants arriving every day. For the September quarter, 145,200 migrants arrived which is 1578 people a day.

Australians struggling to find a place to live or pay the rent are asking the Albanese government: where will all these people live?

Labor has broken its own record for the greatest number of migrants to arrive in a 12-month period, having set the record when 518,000 people arrived in the year to July.

Labor needs to cut migration to alleviate the pressures on housing, infrastructure, government services and the environment.

Labor says they don’t want a Big Australia but judge them on their actions not their words.

Record migration is driven by Labor issuing record numbers of visas. Labor has issued a:

  • Record 577,295 student visas — breaking the old record by 171,553.
  • Record 125,090 Temporary Graduate visas — more than double the old record of 54,781.
  • Record 140,934 Covid work visas — more than four times the old record of 31,148.
  • Record 464,539 Temporary resident visas – more than double the old record of 186,148.

Labor can’t fix the migration system because it has no idea how many people are coming to Australia on their watch. They may as well be throwing darts blindfolded at a dart board.

In December, Anthony Albanese said “we have a plan to fix migration” well the Australian people are still waiting to see this plan in action.

In the same press conference, the Prime Minister also said: “migration is expected to decline substantially over the coming financial year”. Migration has increased in the first quarter of this financial year, showing that like his broken promise on tax and cutting electricity bills, you can’t trust what this Prime Minister says.