Media Release

The Little Book of Big Labor Waste

The Coalition has today released an updated version of The Little Book of Big Labor Waste, which lists the worst examples of Labor waste and mismanagement since the overnight coup that installed Julia Gillard as Prime Minister. 

The updated version includes an extra ten examples from the 50 provided in the original booklet, which was released in November last year. 

The fact that an updated booklet could be released just months after the original just demonstrates the level of waste and mismanagement that continues under this Government. 

Remaining at the top of the list is the massive multi-billion dollar blow out in the immigration portfolio thanks to Labor’s failed border protection policies.  This is closely followed by the $3.2 billion blow out in the NBN roll-out.  

New examples in the book include Labor’s reckless $158 million, 15 year lease of the “Nishi Building” for the Department of Climate Change, the failed $16 million Teach Next scheme, and the $5 million plus advertising campaign for the Schoolkids bonus and the so called promotional “school kids kits”. 

Labor has junked its budget surplus promise in favour of retaining its commitment to out of control spending. 

Labor has no plans to bring the budget under control or repay the debt. Under Labor, there are only prospects for more deficits, more debt and more waste and mismanagement.

What Labor does best is rack-up debt through waste and mismanagement - it’s in their DNA. The only way to stop Labor’s waste and pay back the debt is to change the Government.

A copy of the booklet can be found here: The Little Book of Big Labor Waste