Our Plan

Issue 15

Supporting Australian Women


After four years of Coalition Government, there are over 997,800 more Australians in jobs. Approximately 58% of these new jobs have been taken up by women.

There are now over 5.8 million women in employment – and the highest female participation rate on record (60.6%). However, there are around two million working age women not in the labour force, which represents a big pool of untapped talent and experience.

In July, the Coalition Government launched our new Women’s Workforce Participation Strategy, which includes practical initiatives to increase job opportunities for women who want to find employment. It includes the Our Jobs for Families Child Care package, which is making childcare more accessible for up to one million parents.


Affordable and accessible child care is critical to supporting parents who are balancing work and family responsibilities.

The Coalition Government has made the most significant reforms to the system in 40 years. Our New Child Care Package is unashamedly targeted at supporting parents who access child care to work or work more, train, study or volunteer.

From July 2018, we will remove the $7,613 annual rebate cap for families on incomes up to around $185,000 - that’s 85 percent of families using child care. Families earning more than around $185,000 will also benefit from an increased cap of $10,000.

We’re increasing the Child Care Subsidy from around 72% to 85% for more than 370,000 families earning around $65,000 or less. The Child Care Subsidy will then taper down to 20 percent for families on $340,000 and cut out after $350,000.

Almost one million families will benefit, with many families thousands of dollars a year better off.

It is estimated more than 230,000 families will be able to increase their involvement in the workforce as a result of the Coalition's reforms.


We are investing $263 million for a national roll out of ParentsNext, a program that supports vulnerable parents, mostly women, to break the welfare cycle and get into paid work.

We have committed $10 million to establish the new Launch into Work program, which will assist more women become work-ready by increasing their skills, experience and confidence to overcome the barriers to training and employment.

We’ll continue to fund the Women’s Money Toolkit, a free online resource with practical tools that teach women how to better manage their finances.


The Coalition Government is determined to keep women and children in Australia safe at home, safe on the streets and safe online.

We are investing more than ever before – around $275 million a year – on programs that directly support women and children who are victims of, or at risk of, domestic violence.

With this investment we are: improving frontline services; improving the legal system; ensuring better, safer use of technology; and driving cultural change.

  • We are improving frontline services, with new funding to train police, health workers and other frontline service providers to help them recognise signs of domestic violence and respond appropriately. More funding for specialist domestic violence units will help provide essential services for women and children escaping domestic violence.
  • Our new National Housing and Homelessness Agreement with the states and territories also means priority services will be provided to women and children experiencing family and domestic violence, as well as young homeless people.
  • We’re improving the legal system, by: amending the Family Law Act, to ban direct cross-examination in family law proceedings where there are allegations of violence; funding additional family consultants to assist in the early management of family law cases; and new funding for Community Legal Centres.
  • A national Domestic Violence Order scheme now means DVOs issued in one state will be recognised in all others.
  • We are making better use of technology. For example, in some cases funding is going towards installing CCTV cameras for at risk women who need additional safety in their homes. In partnership with Telstra, we’re providing safe phones for women at risk of violence. A number of states now have GPS tracking for charged sex offenders and we are working with states who want to extend this to domestic violence perpetrators.
  • To tackle online abuse, we have established a national system for online complaints and expanded the role of the e-Safety Commissioner – so this office now takes responsibility for online safety issues affecting adults, not just children.
  • To help drive cultural change, we have launched a $30 million national campaign to change young people’s attitudes to women and violence. There have been more than 40 million online views of the Stop it at the Start TV ads, and the campaign website has been viewed more than 500,000 times.

Information current as at March 2018