Between September 2013 and March 2020, more than 1.5 million more Australians were in jobs. Nearly 60% of these new jobs were taken up by women.

In January 2020, female workforce participation was 61.5% - its highest ever level.

The gender pay gap was also moving in the right direction, down to a record low of 13.9% from 17.4% under the previous Labor government.

Australian women made up the majority of those who lost their jobs early in this crisis.

As the health restrictions have eased, these jobs have started to come back, with more than half of the jobs created since May filled by women.

However, significant challenges remain in rebuilding our economy and creating more jobs for all Australians, including women.

The recent Budget includes the Government’s second Women’s Economic Security Statement, with $240 million in measures and programs to specifically support:

  • New cadetships and apprenticeships for women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics;
  • Job creation and entrepreneurialism; and
  • Women’s safety at work and at home.


Under Labor, child care fees increased 53% over six years.

The Government’s new Child Care Subsidy is making child care more accessible and affordable for mothers and fathers.

This financial year, the Government is providing $9 billion in Child Care Subsidy.

The child care system is targeted – with those who earn the least receiving the highest level of subsidy (85%). Those who work, train or study the most get the most support.

Between July 2018 and March 2020, out of pocket costs reduced by 3.2%.

A typical family is around $1,300 better off per child per year.

Families can see how they will benefit at:


The Government has introduced a range of measures to improve access to the Paid Parental Leave scheme and provide more flexibility for Australian working mums and dads.

Families are now able to split their Government funded Parental Leave Pay into blocks of leave, allowing them to work in between.

This makes returning to work much more flexible.

We have also extended the work test rules so more women are eligible for Government funded Parental Leave Pay.

We also extended paid parental leave for new mothers who have lost work as a result of COVID.


The Liberal and Nationals Government continues to provide significant funding to keep women and children safe – at home, at work, on the streets and online.

Since 2013, we have invested over $1 billion on programs to support women and children who are victims of, or at risk of, domestic, family and sexual violence.

With this investment we are: improving frontline services; improving the legal system; ensuring better, safer use of technology; and driving cultural and behaviour change.

Our Government has guaranteed a minimum entitlement of 5 days unpaid family and domestic violence leave per year for 6 million employees covered by the Fair Work Act.

To tackle online abuse, we have expanded the role of the e-Safety Commissioner. This office now also takes responsibility for online safety issues affecting adults, including victims image-based abuse.

Information current as at December 2020