Our Plan

Issue 01

A Strong New Economy

In this very uncertain world, Australia needs a strong economic plan for jobs and families.

Australia is transitioning from the mining construction boom to a new and more diverse economy – fuelled by innovation, the opening of new markets and more investment in Australian enterprise.

The Coalition’s Plan for a Strong New Economy is supporting this transition.

Our Plan will provide growth, jobs and a secure future for Australian families through:

  • An innovation and science programme bringing more great Australian ideas to market, providing tax incentives to invest in start-up businesses and helping prepare our children for the jobs of the future by boosting participation in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).
  • A defence industry plan that will secure the nation and supports innovative Australian companies, local advanced manufacturing and hi-tech jobs, particularly in regional Australia.
  • Export trade deals to generate new business opportunities, give our farmers a competitive edge and open doors into expanding markets for our service industries.
  • Tax cuts and incentives for small businesses and hard working families.
  • A sustainable budget with crackdowns on tax avoidance and loopholes.
  • Guaranteed funding for health, education and roads.
  • The restoration of the rule of law in the construction industry by re-establishing the Australian Building and Construction Commission. We are restoring honesty and fairness to the workplace relations system.

Our Plan will deliver the benefits of a growing economy and a better community to all Australians.

Our Plan will deliver a strong new economy with more than 200,000 new jobs for Australian workers.

Our Economic Plan is seeing results:

  • The Australian economy is growing at 3% a year – faster than any of the G7 economies.
  • Around 300,000 new jobs were created last year, the strongest growth in employment since 2007.

But there is more work to do to continue the successful transition of our economy.

That’s why the Coalition is directing every lever of policy to secure our nation’s prosperity and economic security for the 21st century.