Our Plan

Issue 11

Tackling the Scourge of Ice

The scourge of Ice is tearing apart families, relationships and communities.

We are determined to reduce the supply of this insidious drug by cracking down on importers, manufacturers and dealers – and to help users and addicts turn their lives around.


The Liberal and Nationals Government is tackling the supply of Ice through increased international cooperation, enhanced intelligence sharing, better controls of precursor chemicals and greater law enforcement efforts to prevent Ice reaching our shores.

The Australian Federal Police has seized more than 14 tonnes of methamphetamine in domestic operations since 2013.

We are improving our ability to stop drugs at their source, by:

  • Establishing Taskforce Blaze – the first task force of its kind between agencies in Australia and China, to investigate criminal syndicates exporting Ice to Australia. Australian and Chinese authorities have intercepted nearly 20 tonnes of illegal drugs destined for our streets.
  • Deploying Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission officers to the UAE, USA, Canada and Hong Kong to work with their agencies to help stop Ice at its source.
  • Improving intelligence sharing, including piloting of a new National Criminal Intelligence System across agencies and jurisdictions in Australia.
  • Establishing National Anti-Gangs Squad strike teams across Australia, which has resulted in the arrest of more than 1,100 offenders and seizure of more than 2,500kg of drugs and precursors.
  • Investing $3.6 million from the proceeds of crime to the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission for the first ever National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Report to collect data on drug use and identify Ice hot spots.
  • Establishing the ‘Dob in a Dealer’ campaign to encourage the public to report information on drug manufacture and distribution in their community.
  • Deporting drug dealers - since the Government amended the Migration Act to enable cancellation of visas for non-citizens who are convicted of a crime with a sentence of 12 months or more, we have cancelled the visas of 682 drug dealers.


To tackle the scourge of Ice and other drugs, the Government has committed more than $685 million over four years to reduce the impact of drug and alcohol misuse.

This includes funding for:

  • Primary Health Networks for locally based treatment.
  • 260 new services for Indigenous communities.
  • The Alcohol and Drug Foundation for 220 Local Drug Action Teams.
  • Over 8,000 local sporting clubs to expand the national Good Sports program to prevent and manage illegal drug issues.
  • Addiction Medical Specialists through Medicare.
  • Research into new treatment options and training.

The Government has launched the Cracks in the Ice online community toolkit (www.cracksintheice.org.au) to provide evidence-based information for community groups, local Councils, concerned parents and friends, teachers, students and frontline service providers relating to Ice.


If someone is on drugs and the dole, we want to get them off both.

We’re changing the rules, so those on welfare affected by drugs and alcohol will now be required to undertake available treatment.

If it is refused, we will no longer accept drug and alcohol use as a legitimate excuse for missing appointments or activities.


We are also seeking to trial random drug tests for 5,000 new recipients of Newstart and Youth Allowance in three locations: Canterbury Bankstown (NSW); Logan (QLD); Mandurah (WA).

Information current as at November 2018