The NBN is now available to over 90% of Australian premises, or over 10.5 million homes and businesses.

It now has over 6 million active connections (as at January 2020).

Our NBN is connecting more users every two weeks than Labor connected in six years of Government.

After six years of Labor, just 51,000 users were connected to the NBN (1 in 50 premises).

NBN Co is on track to complete the network in 2020.

We’re rolling out a multi-technology mix, just like the USA, UK, Germany, France and many other countries.

Once complete, 90 per cent of fixed line households will be able to achieve speeds of at least 50 Mbps, and half of the network will be Gigabit capable.


The Liberal and Nationals Government’s NBN rollout takes pressure off household and business internet bills.

Our changes have saved taxpayers around $30 billion compared to Labor’s NBN, avoided a $43 increase in monthly internet bills, and will connect all Australians at least six years sooner.

The Government has announced tougher consumer safeguards including directing the ACMA to put a stop to the handballing of complaints between telcos and NBN.

We have boosted the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman's powers to help resolve complaints.

Information current as at February 2020